AI soundtracks
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Get the music you need in under a minute
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Get the music you need in under a minute​

Music depends on moods you choose

You can select from 30 unique mood tags and blend them in any combination you prefer. This allows for an unlimited music experience, ideal for enhancing your videos and creating a bespoke atmosphere.

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mysterious cinematic

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electronic ambient

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peaceful acoustic

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sensual lounge

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dramatic epic

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dynamic latin

You control music parameters

Embrace your imagination and unique taste by exercising control over every aspect of sound. Whether you desire increased speed, a slower pace, heightened rhythmic elements, or a brighter tone, provides complete customization options to tailor the music to your preferences.

Save your time!

Do you waste hours searching for the perfect music for your video? Or stress out over editing music for a deadline?
No more!
With, you can create amazing videos in three easy clicks. Take back your time and forget the music hunt!

Enjoy the best music ever

Forget about legal issues and poor-quality music. Get unique and high-quality music made by experts and AI. It’s your custom soundtrack for your satisfaction. No stress, just musical joy!

Muzaic Studio Light

for everyone
  • Unlimited number of soundtracks
  • Soundtracks up to 1 minute length
  • 6 music moods + mood of the week
  • Adjust freely the music intensity
  • Auto-merging soundtracks with video
  • Private use only

Muzaic Studio Medium

for content creators
$ 6
  • Up to 10h of music monthly
  • Soundtracks up to 20 minutes length
  • 29 music moods and counting...
  • Adjust freely intensity, rhythm,

    tempo, tone and variation rate
  • Merging soundtracks with videos
  • Private & commercial use for you

    and your company

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