Frequently Asked Questions

Muzaic Studio is a web app based on the Muzaic technology. It allows you to design a unique soundtrack that will highlight your video. It not only strengthens your creativity but also helps you save time and gives you the best quality.
At Muzaic we believe in expanding possibilities. We would love you to be able to create unique music without sacrificing creativity and quality, so that you can make your project stand out and create a unique experience for your viewers.

The easiest way is to:

  1. upload a video,
  2. choose mood of the wanted music
  3. and click “compose”.

You will be given a soundtrack, you can play it with the video to check if it fits your needs.

If You want more specific options:

  • You can choose more moods in the same time;
  • You can set the intensity, tempo, rhythm, tone & variation by sliders;
  • You can also choose how should all these parameters behave in the soundtrack by graphs;
  • Finally, you can decide which specific motive should be used


In the near future, you will be able to set values of all the parameters in time, one by one.

At the moment – any video longer than 30 seconds, files used: MP4, WebM & Ogg.
We will be extending this list.

  • We use:
    • Sounds made exclusively for us by artists,
    • Data from human bodies,
    • The results of our R&D on emotions,
  • Then, we compose symbolic music scores based on music theory,
  • And finally we use our own algorithms to create audio files with the high resolution audio quality.
The music available in Muzaic Studio is royalty-free. This means that you can purchase the music from us and use it for your content without having to pay any future fees. However, it’s important to note that you cannot claim ownership of the music used in your content. The copyright in such music vests with Soundscapes Ltd – the owner of Muzaic, and you are only granted a license to use it for your content as per our license agreement.
Right now, Muzaic Studio works best with any kind of ambient soundtrack, but it gets better by the day. You can always have a look at the current list of music motives on a Composer page (the one where you select moods and parameters). You can also listen to their jingles to know what they are.

At this moment, no. We are focusing on giving you the best Studio experience. But this is the next step, we will prepare materials on how to use your new soundtracks in various video editors.

We use the same techniques as sound engineers do, so the audio quality is the same as it would be if mixed in the recording studio.

You can ask for one soundtrack at a time. And then another one if you wish. The time needed to compose a soundtrack is shorter than time needed to listen to it later.

It depends. You can try it for free or you can choose one of our paid plans here.